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Welcome to our Year 5 page! On our page, we upload our Learning Letters for each half term along with lots of photos of our amazing learning throughout the year (featuring school trips, special guests, practical maths, science experiments and art projects!). Enjoy surfing our page- you are in for an exciting learning journey! 

In Year 5, we have an ethos that...

  • Every child matters and is loved by God
  • Every child deserves the BEST learning experience
  • Everyone tries their best- even when times get difficult! 
  • Making mistakes is just proof that we're TRYING
  • Helping one another, listening at all times and always persevering is the key to success!  

"Love one another as God loves us." (John 13:34)


“Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” (Albert Einstein) 


"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts." (Winston Churchill) 

Autumn 1

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Pop Art!

As part of our Art and Topic, we designed our very own Donald Trump pop art masks. We studied the work of Andy Warhol and discovered that he used bright colours and repeated prints. Some of us even gave our Donald masks some speech bubbles, 'we MUST build a wall!'. 

We also evaluated our own and other's work- if we had more time, what we do better? It was lovely hearing such lovely, constructive feedback from our friends. 

Super Statistics!

In maths, we have been writing on the tables and drawing our very own line graphs. We added an easy, medium and hard question to challenge our peers! 

Imran's visit...

To celebrate other religions and traditions, we did some work with Imran (a man of Islamic faith) and investigated the five pillars of Islam and how it linked to the Islamic artifacts he kindly brought in for us! The children were so fascinated, particularly with the head dresses! 

Native American Dream Catchers 

As part of our USA topic, we researched into the native Americans who were the first people to live in North America. We discovered that they had dream catchers in their bedrooms to capture the bad dreams so everyone would get a pleasant sleep every night. We researched what materials they used and adapted it to make our own out of paper plates. We used beads, string, feathers and ribbon to add colour and decoration to our designs. We then evaluated each other’s and gave critical feedback for next time. Some of us are thinking of making another one at home to improve our designs. An amazing piece of work Year 5, well done; 

USA and relative clauses 

To conclude our learning of USA, we created a USA flip book that contained relative clauses (to add extra information to our work). Here is a fabulous example from a fantastic writer in Year 5...

Autumn  2

French Visitor

In Week 2, we had an exciting native French speaker visiting our class for the afternoon teaching us subjects in French and reasons why we liked/disliked a subject. We listened to a picture book in French and then created our own French storybooks! We had so much fun learning new French vocabulary!  

Harry's special family member...

In the run up to Remembrance Day, Harry brought in some special objects from one of his late family members which included medals and a certificate of honor. It was from a family member who served on D-Day and had much to show for his sheer bravery and commitment to saving the lives of others. We honored him and we can't thank Harry enough for bringing in such precious, memorable possessions.  

Sutton Hoo Discovery!

We traveled back in time to 1938 where Mrs Pretty discovered an Anglo-Saxon burial site in her back garden! We put ourselves in the role of Basil Brown, a famous archaeologist at the time, and discovered many Anglo-Saxon artifacts such as helmets, belt buckles, runes, shillings, jewelry and many more! 

7 times tables! 

We know how tricky learning our times tables is- especially our x7 times tables! So we designed our own maths board games where if you landed on a multiple of 7, you had another go! We could spot patterns in the 7 times tables as well! 

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Our fantastic report writing...

In Year 5, we have been trying super hard with our joined handwriting, relative clauses, modal verbs and parenthesis. We wrote a newspaper report from 1939 all about the discovery of Anglo-Saxon artifacts at Sutton Hoo. We tried to use as many Year 5 writing features as we could and at the same time, remember to write neatly! 

Christmas Fayre 2019

What a success! We were almost sold out at our Christmas Fayre this year. Thank you to everyone in Year 5 and St. John's for helping to raise money for our school. Thank you to everyone who contributed to Art Club (ESPECIALLY MRS ASPEY) and made those beautiful crafts- they went down a treat! We are so lucky to have such talented people at our school. 

Anglo-Saxon villages!

Our very talented Y5 pupils designed their very own Anglo-Saxon villages. We had a very productive afternoon designing and creating our villages with a selection of resources and materials and rating them out of 10. Which one would you rate the highest and why?!

Spring 1